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Quick Start

Social Feed is a social network infrastructure to create posts, add comments, like posts, like comments, etc. It also provides a service to get meaningful data of user interactions with posts.

You can use this API as a third-party to add or get post's content from your database, and then it helps you to have social interactions such as "Like", "Comment", etc. Let Social Feed manage social activity of your products or services, while you focus on running your business.

Get started now with your free trial version then you’ll have access to the latest version of Social Feed API with full functionality. The trial period will be seven (7) days from the date you activate your API key.

Integrating trial version of Social Feed API into your app or website requires only three steps:

  1. Submit your request for username and password.
  2. Verify health check.
  3. Exchanged your credentials information for access token.

Step 1: Submit your request for username and password#

To get the username and password please save your request on this page

Step 2: Verify health check#

To confirm everything is up and running, make a health check test.

Step 3: Exchanged your credentials information for access token#

Social Feed authenticates your API requests using Authorization header. If you do not include it when making a request, or use an incorrect one, Social Feed returns an error. The value of Authorization header is a token you can get by the authenticating yourself. See the Authentication documentation for more information on how to do this.

Once you successfully get access token, you’re ready to begin integrating with Social Feed API.